11. Gilbert’s Gazelles

There are only a couple of good reasons to get up before dawn and run a few miles in the dark on the unlit Town Lake trail.  One of those reasons is to run under the expert running guidance of coach Gilbert Tuhabonye, owner and founder of Gilbert’s Gazelles.  Another reason is to hang out with the guys that that run with Gilbert’s Gazelles.  The cool thing about the Gazelles is that a runner of any skill level or pace can train with this group.  Gilbert, the other coaches and fellow runners are very encouraging.  The most avid runners training for a big event tend to be exceptionally focused that early in the morning – especially with the start of a new workday just on the horizon.  In the summer, a lot of runners train in the morning as it is the coolest time of the day (Hint, hint!  That’s when you should run too, girl!).  After your workout, plop down and stretch your hamstrings next to a pack of handsome runners and smile.  Runners are a friendly bunch with whom conversation is easy. http://www.gilbertsgazelles.com/


10. Maudie’s Tex Mex on 360 (Lunchtime)

I haven’t investigated exactly what businesses are located around this Maudie’s location but whenever I’ve been there for lunch, it seems like there are plenty of handsome men of all types – blue-collar, white-collar, rugged, polished.  Any time I’ve chosen to go there, it’s because a friend invited me for a quick spot of chips, salsa and enchiladas – always good.  Upon arrival, I’m always pleasantly surprised to see the room filled with great-looking guys – bonus.

9. Sullivan’s on Colorado (The Bar)

What is it about guys & steak? I don’t really care. All I know is that if you ever swing by Sullivan’s after 7pm and hang out at the bar, you’re bound to strike up a conversation with a great-looking, 30-something guy. Of course, the food is great but the reason I’d go there is for sight-seeing. With Austin being as casual as it is, Sullivan’s provides the perfect opportunity to dress up. So, throw on a cute dress with stilettos and head over to Sullivan’s because the low-lighting and close space invite romance.

8. The Veloway

This is a great place for anyone to ride a bicycle. If you’re just a beginner it’s safe and easy with few distractions. For more advanced riders, warm up with a few laps here to perfect your form before a long ride. Whatever your skill level you should ride here from time to time. There are always plenty of guys and they’re really nice. Once you spot one you like, chances are you’ll see him over and over again because he’s probably fast and will lap you. At the Veloway slow is okay because you can’t talk if you’re breathless and, believe me, most of them would love to have a conversation with an awesome girl on a bicycle on their cool-down lap. Side note: I laugh as I write this because a way-fast cyclist once hit on me at the Veloway.  When he caught up with me he told me I was fast.   Thanks!   I know you’re lying, but for that I’ll give you my number when we get back to the parking lot.  I’m a girl and I’m slow. Compliments on my lackluster athleticism will get you everywhere. http://veloway.com/

7. Del Valle Motocross Park

Ever been to a supercross race? If your answer’s “no” then you need to go to one. Supercross is easily some of the most exciting racing there is. Some say that it’s toughest sport in the world (I agree, by the way). What that means is that if he’s riding laps on that track, he’s fit. At Del Valle Motocross Park, you won’t necessarily see the kind of professional racing that airs on Speed, but a pro or two have been known to show up there to practice. Mostly this track is home to the guys in the area who can afford to maintain their dirtbikes and race on the weekend. There are a ton of young guys here with a sprinkling of 30- and 40-somethings who haven’t yet noticed they’ve grown up. Starting in September, the park is host to a cyclocross series on Tuesday nights – yes, more cycling events. If you go here, wear sneakers and be prepared to get at least a little dirty. The accommodations are bare-bones, the atmosphere is laid back and fun. http://www.advmxpark.com

6. Any triathlon – I mean ANY!

Few people realize that the sport of triathlon includes a lot of beautiful people – men and women. So, even if you don’t aspire to swim, bike and run competitively, a great way to meet the athletes is to volunteer for an event – packet pick-up before the race or race registration are ideal for meeting a cute athlete, especially  someone new while he’s fresh and conscious. Be advised that to train for 3 sports like triathletes do, takes a lot of time, early mornings and early evenings and long rides on weekends. What I’m saying is that you need to be confident, super-secure and willing to spend time alone on the weekends. Most of the time, if these athletes are forced to choose between their training and a girlfriend, guess what wins. If you’re a good enough cook, post-ride meals do wonders.  If you prefer to race, this is one of those places you can count on the men swimming, biking or running after any of the girls they see in front of them.  It will give you the opportunity to experience the thrill of the chase. . .literally.

My friend, Vegas, is #90 here on the run segment of a triathlon. Running behind her, #1482, is precisely what makes Austin triathlons the #6 Hot Spot.

5. Freebirds on Center Ridge Drive (Lunchtime)

This is definitely worth mentioning. I met a friend of mine here and was actually ultra-aware of the fact that I was one of a handful of women in a restaurant that was packed with Dell-ies on their lunch break. The place gets pretty packed so it’s likely that you’ll be asked by someone to share your table, should you have some space. Grab a girlfriend or 2 and sit at an extra-large table; you’re sure to make some new friends.