1. The Driveway Crit Races

There’s at least one good reason why Lance Armstrong takes residence here – the cycling’s great.  Guess what.  A lot of other men cycle in Austin too.  They’re fit and good-looking.  On Thursday nights, Holland Racing produces the self-proclaimed nation’s premier bicycle racing series, where a bunch of them gather to dice it out at The Driveway.  Men love to compete and we women love to watch them do it. http://www.drivewayseries.com/Home/tabid/103/Default.aspx


5 thoughts on “1. The Driveway Crit Races

    • Hey, Stud! I (there’s just one of me) am 100% chick and I love guys. I also have a huge circle of chick friends who are fans of my blog. They love guys too.

  1. Stud – and Chrissy looks hot too (from what I can see from the tiny thumbnail). Hmmmm – need to start a Hot Spot for Hot Chicks blog…. 🙂

    Chrissy – btw links to you blog have been posted on cycling web sites because of the Driveway post. You might be getting a little more traffic soon. 😉

    • Thanks, Mike! What a compliment! And thanks for the heads-up. About the Hot CHICK Hot Spots, you could be on to something.

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