Only At The Driveway. . .

Volunteering for registration at The Driveway Crit Races is exactly that – volunteering, meaning without pay.  Natalie, another volunteer, and I don’t volunteer for the money, or lack thereof, anyway.  At registration we get to meet just about every competitor there.  We have so much fun with it.  Under any other circumstances, entering someone’s data into a computer, assigning their race number and having them sign a waiver would be mundane work (if you ever go to the social security office you know what I mean).  This is a fun group of people and we find ourselves laughing. . .a LOT!  Best of all, we get to hang out at the #1 Hot Spot.

Tonight, June 17, we’re nearly halfway through the series.  The competitors are told to keep their bib number to use for the entire season or they’ll be charged $5 for a new one.  Holland Racing does give them one free replacement before they start charging the fee.  Although I can’t remember how this got started, some of us at the registration table started telling the guys who need that first replacement number (the women don’t have this problem) to bring it back after they race so that we can keep their spare.  Logical right?

With registration complete, Natalie and I walked down to the track to watch the second-to-last race of the evening.  When the race was over nearly an hour later, we were walking together back to registration when one of the guys approached me.

“Should I give you my number now?”

I was speechless.

Wow.  This has never happened to me before.  Usually a guy would get to know a girl better before he gives her his number.  Forward, isn’t he?  He doesn’t know that I don’t call guys.  Hmmmm.  Did I meet him somewhere else?  Was he mistaking me for someone else?  Did I say I wanted his number?  Is someone trying to set me up?

I’m sure my jaw was hanging open as I stared at him.  For a loooong time.  I had nothing to say.  Natalie, was standing beside me with pretty much the same reaction.

“My race number.”

“Yes!  Of course.”  Of course.

#1 Hot Men Hot Spot – The Driveway Crit Races

Actually drafted June 20, 2010 at 11:10pm.

2 thoughts on “Only At The Driveway. . .

    • Tell me about it, Leila. So, we still have 15 weeks of racing and funny things like this that get us laughing ’til we cry. All good stuff.

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