7. Del Valle Motocross Park

Ever been to a supercross race? If your answer’s “no” then you need to go to one. Supercross is easily some of the most exciting racing there is. Some say that it’s toughest sport in the world (I agree, by the way). What that means is that if he’s riding laps on that track, he’s fit. At Del Valle Motocross Park, you won’t necessarily see the kind of professional racing that airs on Speed, but a pro or two have been known to show up there to practice. Mostly this track is home to the guys in the area who can afford to maintain their dirtbikes and race on the weekend. There are a ton of young guys here with a sprinkling of 30- and 40-somethings who haven’t yet noticed they’ve grown up. Starting in September, the park is host to a cyclocross series on Tuesday nights – yes, more cycling events. If you go here, wear sneakers and be prepared to get at least a little dirty. The accommodations are bare-bones, the atmosphere is laid back and fun. http://www.advmxpark.com


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