8. The Veloway

This is a great place for anyone to ride a bicycle. If you’re just a beginner it’s safe and easy with few distractions. For more advanced riders, warm up with a few laps here to perfect your form before a long ride. Whatever your skill level you should ride here from time to time. There are always plenty of guys and they’re really nice. Once you spot one you like, chances are you’ll see him over and over again because he’s probably fast and will lap you. At the Veloway slow is okay because you can’t talk if you’re breathless and, believe me, most of them would love to have a conversation with an awesome girl on a bicycle on their cool-down lap. Side note: I laugh as I write this because a way-fast cyclist once hit on me at the Veloway.  When he caught up with me he told me I was fast.   Thanks!   I know you’re lying, but for that I’ll give you my number when we get back to the parking lot.  I’m a girl and I’m slow. Compliments on my lackluster athleticism will get you everywhere. http://veloway.com/


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