11. Gilbert’s Gazelles

There are only a couple of good reasons to get up before dawn and run a few miles in the dark on the unlit Town Lake trail.  One of those reasons is to run under the expert running guidance of coach Gilbert Tuhabonye, owner and founder of Gilbert’s Gazelles.  Another reason is to hang out with the guys that that run with Gilbert’s Gazelles.  The cool thing about the Gazelles is that a runner of any skill level or pace can train with this group.  Gilbert, the other coaches and fellow runners are very encouraging.  The most avid runners training for a big event tend to be exceptionally focused that early in the morning – especially with the start of a new workday just on the horizon.  In the summer, a lot of runners train in the morning as it is the coolest time of the day (Hint, hint!  That’s when you should run too, girl!).  After your workout, plop down and stretch your hamstrings next to a pack of handsome runners and smile.  Runners are a friendly bunch with whom conversation is easy. http://www.gilbertsgazelles.com/


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