12. Target on Ben White and MoPac (Evenings)

You know, I almost didn’t add this to the list but, I couldn’t help it.  Seriously, there’s something about this Target location that a fair amount of good-looking, seemingly-single guys shop here (Apparently guys like Target too.  Who knew?).  Here timing is everything, though.  Weeknights around dinner time are the best; on the weekends during the day, the place is teeming with the usual soccer-moms with baskets full of children.  Just so we’re clear, I’m not a fan of conversations with anyone, let alone a handsome guy, with toilette paper and toothpaste in my basket.  Normally, I like to go in, get my stuff, get out, move on.  Here I tend to take a little extra time.  More than one guy has said “Hi!” to me in the aisles, making this a noteworthy Hot Spot.  Target is not my ideal place to meet a guy, but the crowd here easily makes this my favorite Target store.


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