13. Auditorium Shores

Auditorium Shores at Town Lake (I refuse to call it “Ladybird Lake”) is the place where Gilbert’s Gazelles often do their cool down and running drills, RunTex keeps water coolers and happy dogs frolic everywhere – happy dogs make happy owners, by the way. The water coolers are quite the social hub for everyone, including dogs. There’s also something about sweet dogs that break down our walls and touch our hearts. Boys love their dogs. Heck, we all do! The Dog Park at Auditorium shores is just an all around happy place to meet guys. It’s so easy to strike up a conversation with a guy if your own dog chooses him or his dog first. Letting a dog break the ice is very effective for both genders. Even if you don’t have a dog, you can offer a guy a huge compliment by telling him how great his dog is. Really, there are few things more endearing than a handsome guy with a dirty, gooey tennis ball in his hand smiling with pride at the lab that just brought it back to him.


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