Relationship Tips Introduction

For Women Who Have Zero Time For Dating

In our American culture, we are trained super-achievers.  We love to accomplish things that impress and inspire others.  In addition to our regular work days where our drive is most evident (nowadays, with all of the cutbacks and layoffs, that drive is required to keep your job), our time away from work has its own demands that require a spillover of that same drive in order to fit it all in – committees, friends, exercise, chores, school, studying, eating, errands, sleeping, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.  This is precisely why internet dating is all the rage.  After all of our necessary activities are out of the way, we have very little time to devote to cultivating new relationships for dating hit-or-miss.

As far as your time and energy goes, there are only so many arrows in your quiver.  Few people have the time to pursue a bunch of “maybes” that would otherwise be a waste of time or certainly end in heartbreak, which consumes its own load of time and energy; few people would.  It’s important to be efficient with your effort; be choosy about what you aim for before you take a shot.  In other words, make it count.

In the posts that follow, keep what you like, toss what you don’t.  These are things I’ve learned through my years of dating and relationships with men – men I’ve dated, men that are friends and men in my family.  There are also some things that spring forth from the girlfriends in my life, for it’s always easier to see where things are going wrong for others than for ourselves.  You’re reading this because you’re seeing some opportunity to learn something that you don’t already know – something that could make a difference for you.  My hope is that you’ll find a nugget here does make a difference for you.


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