15. Starbucks at William Cannon and MoPac (7-8am)

Walking into the Starbucks at William Cannon and MoPac at 7:30 this morning, it was pouring rain.  In typical fashion, I looked over my shoulder to see if anyone was behind me as I opened the door; my father taught me to hold the door open for the person entering a building behind me, and that’s what I was doing.  Only this time, there were a couple of guys that were walking through the parking lot, in no hurry, as I waited with the door open.  They weren’t fast enough.  I let the door shut and hopped in line for a cup of clarity.  As I was standing there, I felt someone touch my elbow and say, “Thank you.”  Huh?  I turned around to see the guy who said that standing 2 people behind me in line.  I hadn’t had my coffee at this point so I don’t remember saying anything in response, but my face probably displayed my response loud-and-clear.  He repeated himself, “Thank you.”

“For what?” I asked.

“Holding the door.”

“I didn’t really, but okay,” I said smiling.  By this time my brain was beginning to understand exactly what was happening.

“Yeah, you did.  You held the door for me even though I didn’t get there when it was open.”  You get the picture?  By this time, I was cracking up!

“Uh, okay.  Well, next time run!”  We were both laughing.

Not 2 seconds later, I hear my name, “Chrissy?”  Turning the other way, over my left shoulder in line behind that guy was my friend, Nancy.  What an awesome way to start my day – a pickup and a surprise encounter with a friend at Starbucks!

The whole reason I ended up at this particular Starbucks this morning at this time was to follow up on a tip from my friend, Alisa.  She said that there are tons of hot guys at this particular location between 7-8am and said I should check it out.  She’s right!  This place is great!  I took a seat and just watched who was coming and going.  Girls, there are all kinds of guys that go here – suits, athletes, indie/punks, average Joe’s, contractors, tech-types.  Between 7 and 8 in the morning is ideal because the men clearly outnumber the women.  Even the grandfatherly man next to me struck up a conversation with me.  After 8am though, more women started to trickle in on, apparently on their way to work.  This is definitely an early Hot Spot.  Thanks for the tip, Alisa!


2 thoughts on “15. Starbucks at William Cannon and MoPac (7-8am)

  1. Just to clarify..I don’t go there to pick up. Merely an observation when I go to that particular Starbucks. I know you are writing about this subject so I thought to chime in. 🙂

    • Good point, Alisa. In fact, all of the places on my list are Hot Spots I just happened upon as a by-product of paying attention to my surroundings when I’m out and about – kinda like your Starbucks. So, good eye!

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