Relationship Tip #2: Go It Alone

I was sitting with my friend, Kirk, and we got on the subject of how guys meet girls.  “You girls always travel in packs.”  So?  Kirk went on to explain that it takes a LOT for a guy to approach a girl he doesn’t know.  Apparently there’s all kinds of things that run through their mind, most of it revolves around how to protect their fragile egos.  You see, 9 times out of 10 they really want to meet and talk with us girls.  The trouble for them is that it’s just that. . .trouble.  Packs of chicks are too risky.

He shared with me that guys run worst-case scenarios before even making a move.  They wonder, “What am I going to do if she shoots me down?”  “What if I say something stupid and she thinks I’m a complete moron?”  “What if she’s rude to me and I look like a complete idiot in front of the other guys in the room?”  It all boils down to them looking good and winning, especially in front of other men.  It’s highly unlikely that a guy would roll the dice in a game he knows he won’t win.  So, if your objective when you go out is to be available to meet a guy the best thing you could do is help him win the game.  How do you do that?  Make yourself approachable.  What does that mean?  Go it alone.  Have dinner by yourself, not at a table, but at the bar next to the guy who’s there with his buddies.  If you’re out with your girlfriends, go to the restroom by yourself.  According to Kirk, women are much easier for men to approach and talk to if they are by themselves.  I asked him how big a group of girls would have to be before a guy would consider the girls unapproachable.  In other words, what’s the threshold?

“Two is exponentially harder to approach than one.”


2 thoughts on “Relationship Tip #2: Go It Alone

    • You’re so right, Katie. You’ve just got to love their strong, tough exteriors being the case for their fragile egos. Thanks for reading!

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