16. Austin Stone Community Church – Missional Community Groups

I’ve been really resistant to writing about this, but I can’t ignore the results.  The Austin Stone Community Church is a great Hot Spot.  However, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll meet anyone new by simply going to any one of their 4 Sunday services.  Meeting someone new through this channel requires getting dialed in to one of the small groups, they call them “Missional Groups,” that meet at various places around town and on days and times other than Sunday.  I, personally, have been actively involved with my church in which ever city I’ve lived and have never had success in meeting anyone I’d like to date this way.  I’ve also been a regular attendee of The Stone on Sundays and never met anyone there outside my tight circle of friends.  So, when several girlfriends and a handful of guys recommended this for a Hot Spot, I’d politely say, “I don’t think so.”  Yet, I continue to hear stories of girls who end up meeting great guys when they start getting involved in The Stone’s Missional Groups.  Each of the girls I’m talking about have either met their current boyfriend this way and are super-happy to finally be in a serious relationship with an amazing Christian man who loves her to pieces or married the man she met in the group.  In either case, the proof is in the pudding.  The Austin Stone Community Church


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