17. Black Sheep Lodge

The Black Sheep Lodge on South Lamar touts “The No. 1 Burger In South Austin” (I think that’s funny because exactly how many burger joints are there in South Austin?).  The burgers here are surprisingly fabulous indeed, as are the sweet potato fries.  So, girls, let’s do some Black Sheep math:  great food + 8 big screen TV’s + sports + games + plenty of good beer + dog friendly = lots of guys.  I really like this place so I don’t go there to be around the hot guys, although being outnumbered by them is a nice by-product.  There’s plenty of outdoor seating when you bring your dog but, if you end up at the Black Sheep, I suggest you sit inside where picnic tables with benches nearly fill the space.  What that means is that if there’s room at your table, chances are you’ll be asked by a handsome guy or two to share it; my friends and I were asked twice to share ours.  Another nice by-product is the Black Sheep’s friendly staff; the guys are playfully flirtatious.  So, the next time you want to watch a game on TV put down your remote control, leave your house, head over to Black Sheep Lodge and watch it there.  http://www.blacksheeplodge.com/


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