19. Your Alma Mater Game Watches – Various Places

We all have a natural tendency to gravitate toward what is familiar.  With football season just around the corner, pretty soon every sports bar in town will be packed on Saturdays with people cheering on their college teams.  Here in Austin, if you’re not a University of Texas or Texas A&M alum, you’re grossly outnumbered – myself included as I went to University of Miami, Florida.  Chances are, if you went to a major university your school has an alumni group here in Austin.  That means that you could check with your alma mater to find out where the group meets for game watches.  Even if you went to UT or A&M you can get involved with your alumni group to tailgate before games.  What’s great about this is that there’s level of comfort you’ll have around people who share your alma mater.  You’ll end up having a lot in common and plenty to talk about right out the gate.  Games last about three hours, the perfect catalyst for light-hearted conversation over food and football plays (remember to keep the conversation light and drama-free).  Another thing is, although I know some girls like football, most guys love it.  Guys that love football really appreciate a girl who does too, or one who at least can get excited about a game or two.  One of the Bunnies, Carrie, was at an Ohio State Alumni gathering just like this where she saw her husband for the first time.  Maybe the man of your dreams went to school with you and you never knew it.  It’s entirely possible.


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