An Apology To My Readers. . .

As you know, the name of this blog is Hot Men Hot Spots.  You may also have noticed that it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any new Hot Spots.  For that, I owe you an apology.  While I really hate hearing reasons of any kind from others and hate giving them out as excuses for my failure to follow through for others, I thought you might appreciate knowing what’s been going on since the beginning of August.

First of all, I’m taking my own advice.  Just like any other girl – or person for that matter – I got stuck in my comfort zone.  Creating this initial list of Hot Spots has been somewhat easy since they are places I already go.  Fortunately, for the sake of this blog, many of these places about which I have written are places that many girls never thought of or didn’t know existed.  All that to say I have exhausted my personal list and am now in the process of going outside of my comfort zone to try new things and find new Hot Spots to share with you.  I can already tell you that this works.

Next, I have just completed my first eBook that is a spin-off of the relationship material in this blog; all that I have left to create is a good title.  Essentially, it’s a collection of dating and relationship tips for women over thirty.  It took me all of a month to write and about three weeks to proofread and edit.  By mid-October I’d like to launch it, complete with its own website, in an effort to make a difference for women all over to be in wonderful relationships with awesome men who love them to pieces.  When everything goes live, I will be sure to announce it.

What you can expect from me moving forward are my posts reflecting my ongoing commitment to share with you some great, “new” Hot Spots along with relationship tips mixed with stories of my challenges, successes and failures all along the way.  I’m really loving this journey.

Thank you for reading.  I’ll see you at the races.


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