21. Pei Wei – Brodie Oaks (At South Lamar and 360)

Helping Will Ross with his Dirt Remedy races has its perks.  First and foremost for me, I get to hang out with the guys.  The other benefit is that Will keeps me well-fed in the form of Pei Wei gift cards.  Other than the fact that the fortune cookie messages are quirky, completely lacking any insight into my future, I like the food so I would eat there anyway, with or without the gift cards.

After a horrible day at work, there are few things better than going to have my hair colored, cut and styled by my friend, Laura Wyrtzen.  Like most days, this particular Tuesday I forgot to eat.  While I wasn’t feeling particularly social, I wasn’t ready to go straight home to bed because my hair looked fabulous – plus, I was a little hungry.  That’s when, close to 9pm, I opted to make my way over to Brodie Oaks Pei Wei because it was close to the salon and on my way home.  With gift cards in-hand, this choice a no-brainer.  Having much of the day’s affairs to sort out in my mind, I had little desire for company over dinner.  So, I went alone.

Here’s my advice ladies: eat here and go late.  There is something about this zip code; a lot of guys must live around here.  I was the only girl in line.  Somehow my request for a “to go” order, even though I was going to eat it in the restaurant, really flustered the cashier.  In this case it was okay because, when I was in the back getting my ice water, it gave the cute, single guy behind me a reason to strike up a conversation with me.  At a table all by myself, I ate my beef with noodles and noticed there were tons of guys at this location.  There were a handful sitting at tables by themselves having dinner.  Waiting for their take-out orders, solo guys lined the wall.  On any other night, my new hair-do would have energized me to socialize at a place like this.  This is a terrific Hot Spot and it’s Pei Wei after all, where few people can resist the lettuce wraps.  Ladies, definitely put this on your list of eateries.


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Almost as much as I love 2-wheel sports, I love to write - mostly about relationships and dating. I am the author of the eBook, Irresistible You! 20 Principles to Attract the Right Man and my favorite, ongoing project http://hotmenhotspots.com.
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