22. Young Men’s Business League (YMBL) of Austin

When living the college lifestyle, one naturally meets people through the multitude of social channels that play host to a variety of events.  What does one do after college to stay in the social stream?  One way to do it is to attend Young Men’s Business League of Austin – better known as YMBL – events.

There’s no telling what to expect whenever I’m invited to a new social event for a group with which I have never been involved.  When my girlfriend, Michelle, suggested that I accompany her with some others to the YMBL Fall Fling in October at the Allan House, I kept an open mind and was pleasantly surprised.  What I found were a bunch of super-friendly, down-to-earth, professional guys along with some equally cool girls.  In this group, I found socializing with everyone, especially the men, exceptionally easy.

YMBL has been likened to an after-college fraternity.  It’s a group of guys who get together for regular happy hours (that anyone can attend, by the way), tailgating, golf and some annual events.  Their pet charity is Austin Sunshine Camps, to which the group members contribute hours in tutoring, mentoring and volunteering.  What girl wouldn’t want to date a guy who does those things?  Sounds like a catch to me!

Just like a fraternity, YMBL has a “sister” organization, Young Women’s Alliance, with whom they will sometimes combine efforts.  Having attended some Young Women’s Alliance events, I can attest to the fact that this is a bunch of fun, professional, go-getters that are up to big things in the world.  Both of these organizations eliminate any excuse for not meeting people, specifically men.  Whether you go to YMBL events or Young Women’s Alliance events that partner with YMBL, you’ll meet some great guys and, at the very least, make some strong business contacts.  It’s an ideal way to get dialed into Austin and a noteworthy Hot Spot.


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Almost as much as I love 2-wheel sports, I love to write - mostly about relationships and dating. I am the author of the eBook, Irresistible You! 20 Principles to Attract the Right Man and my favorite, ongoing project http://hotmenhotspots.com.
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