24. Bicycle Film Festival

Any girl reading this in 2010 has only until Sunday, December 5th, to experience this Austin Hot Spot.  If you miss out, you’ll have to either catch up with it in another city or wait until next year.  The Bicycle Film Festival is a fantastic Hot Spot.  I happened to go with a couple of my girlfriends who are avid cyclists that also race.  Once we settled into our seats, I couldn’t help but notice that there were less than 10 girls in the room.  While the films were well-done and entertaining, for sure, the men there were thrilled to meet some women who were even a little interested in a hobby they love.  It is a prominently indie crowd with a sprinkling of yuppies.  So, if slender, satchel-bearing guys with disheveled hair and skinny jeans (the quintessential Austin-boy look) is your thing, get your tickets today and go.  Films are showing at 301 Chicon Ave.  Check the Bicycle Film Festival website for additional, festival-related events.


About Chrissy

Almost as much as I love 2-wheel sports, I love to write - mostly about relationships and dating. I am the author of the eBook, Irresistible You! 20 Principles to Attract the Right Man and my favorite, ongoing project http://hotmenhotspots.com.
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