25. Hopdoddy Burger Bar – 1400 South Congress

What do beer, burgers and fries have to do with men?  Apparently everything.  That’s why I’m adding Hopdoddy Burger Bar to my list of Austin Hot Men Hot Spots.  If you’re hungry and don’t mind eating out of paper containers with plastic utensils, plop yourself down at Hopdoddy Burger Bar on South Congress and grab a beer, burger and fries; that’s pretty much all that they serve here.  This place keeps it simple, which is probably the appeal for its patrons, and what they do they do well.  One of my best girlfriends loves this place and all things on the menu, including the beer.  There for a late dinner on a Thursday night, she and I were 2 of probably only 10 girls in a space that was otherwise packed with men of all sorts, thereby making this a great Hot Spot.  I’ve been there once before with her on the weekend a tad earlier in the day and this was not the case.  So, as with other Hot Spots, it would seem that timing is everything at this place.  The entire wait staff here is flirty and fun, lending itself to the light-hearted, social atmosphere.  When you’re starving for a burger after a long day at work, make the most of your late dinner during the week and head over to Hopdoddy Burger Bar.


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