Relationship Tip #12 – Courtesy Of Marie Osmond

“You marry at the level of your self-esteem.”  – Marie Osmond

Thanks for the reminder, Marie.


4 thoughts on “Relationship Tip #12 – Courtesy Of Marie Osmond

  1. I love quotes and think this one is fantastic!!!

    Ahem- it’s been a while since you posted. Hope you’re doing well…even though I only know you in the cyber world;-)

    • You are so right! The next post is slated “Hot Spot.” Truth be told, I’m on the hunt for another Hot Spot to share with you. I’m having to go waaaaaayy out of my comfort zone now. Any ideas?

      Thank you so much for reading, Katie. I hope you’re doing well too!

  2. Ugh! I’ve been in a male lull, but now need to hit the ground running. Although, I work out at Dell and the ratio of men to women is really in my favor;-)

    • Aw, girl! I wouldn’t call it a “lull.” Believe me. There’s nothing like having the time and space to regroup. I tell you what, grab a girlfriend and meet us next Thursday at YMBL’s Spring Fling #22 Hot Spot – Hope you can make it!

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