About Last Week . . .

If you were a subscriber to my blog last week, you received an email for my post (published formally today, in fact) Keep Your Pants On. . .All The Way On.  Actually, I had forgotten that I had it scheduled to post automatically last week, July 13, and I was not done editing it.  I found out that it had been published when it simultaneously posted a notice to that effect on my Facebook page.  Surprise!  Immediately, I pulled the post off the worldwide web; I could not take it back from your email boxes.  So if you tried to access the post that way, you probably saw a message that post could not be found.

I hope you’ll forgive the oversight that might have caused you some confusion.  The post is ready for reading now.  Enjoy!

Keep Your Pants On. . .All The Way On.


About Chrissy

Almost as much as I love 2-wheel sports, I love to write - mostly about relationships and dating. I am the author of the eBook, Irresistible You! 20 Principles to Attract the Right Man and my favorite, ongoing project http://hotmenhotspots.com.
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