Starting Point

This blog isn’t about hooking up or going out to “get your man” – quite the opposite, in fact.  I don’t do or believe in either of those things.  What I do believe in is veering from my daily routine, trying new things and expanding my sphere of influence.  That’s how anyone meets anyone new, right?  What if you’re between relationships and in the course of going somewhere you never went before, just happened to meet someone you’d like to get to know?  Better yet, meet a new friend who introduces you to food you never would have sampled or a new hobby or even the man of your dreams?  Let me tell you, that’s how I live my life.  I also believe in putting myself in places where I would likely meet someone, anyone, I like.  That’s how I’ve made most of my friends, both men and women.

I suppose it’s a blessing that I’ve never had trouble meeting men.  It helps that some men find me attractive;  good looks are a gateway, of course, but just a gateway.  In order for me to meet anyone I have to get out of my house – frequently that means getting out of my comfort zone.  Plus, I live in Austin.  Search online for a list of the best cities in America to meet men and Austin always makes the top 10.  So it really bugs me when I hear the age-old complaint from any whiny woman here that there are no good men around.  Seriously?  Do you live under a rock?  All it takes is getting out there to socialize because Austin is full of really great men – smart, athletic, involved, good-looking. . .hot.

The purpose of this blog is to share the places I love to go in Austin where the men are plentiful.  One thing I’ve learned over the years is that men really appreciate a girl who is comfortable meeting them where they are – where they play, work out, like to eat, shop, etc.  It also helps to show some interest in the things that they like.  Here in Austin, the men I’ve met like anything on 2 wheels and food.  That’s just my circle of influence.  There are plenty other spots I have yet to explore.   I’m completely open to new suggestions, of course.  If you think something’s missing from my list, I’ll check it out and write about the ones worth a stop.  Meanwhile, I’m sharing what I know.

I hang out primarily with a group of awesome girlfriends, most of whom are single (we’ve affectionately nicknamed our group “The Bunnies”).  We’re all active, athletic, fun-loving and beautiful in our own ways.  As equally as we are different, we have different ideas of what makes a man attractive.  This ongoing list is born out of our discussions about where we meet guys that we like.  The Bunnies are an adventuresome group who are always bringing new places to the table to try out.  It’s safe to say that they inspired me to get this list started.

We girls here in Austin are outnumbered by the men so there’s no excuse for complaining that there are no good men, because there are.  If you want to increase the number of men in your circle, at the very least you’ll have to get up from your computer and leave the house.  For starters, here are some places you can put yourself where you increase your chances of meeting a great guy.  Remember to breathe before you enter these places.  Relax.  As you walk around, keep your chin up and smile.  You never know who’s falling in love with you.

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