Who’s Writing This?

Hey, I’m Chrissy!

Daddy’s Girl, Big Sister, Sister-In-Law, Aunt, Niece, Granddaughter, Friend.

It’s no coincidence that I get along so well with men and find it so easy to meet them.  Born a daddy’s girl, my father was a single parent to me from my tender age of thirteen.  My younger brother, who I affectionately call “Sparky” even though he hates it, is my best bud and best friend in this whole wide world.  Perfect summer days for me were spent on a boat in the middle of the ocean deep-sea fishing with my Uncle Bill all day long.  Having such good, strong relationships with the men in my life I loved the most taught me so much about hanging out with guys from an early age.

Outside my family, I learned how to communicate with men in the business world through countless negotiations with them at a conference table.  My spare time was spent at motorcycle races, Supercross and Superbike, hanging out with the guys there.  That led to 5 seasons as an umbrella girl for the Yamaha Factory Road Race team.  In those 5 seasons I made such good friends with so many of the crew-members and racers, which alone taught me more about guys than I ever thought I would or cared to know.

All that to say I just love hanging out with guys.  It took me a lot of years to realize that not all women do.  Perhaps it’s a gift of mine;  I’ll take it!  Hopefully, something I share will make a difference for you.  If not, at least enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

See you at the races!



Chrissy Baker

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