27. Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q on 620 (Lunchtime)

Whenever I go to Rudy’s I get their jalapeño sausage (They call it a “hottie!”  How appropriate!).  So far, it’s the best I’ve ever had.  I never thought of it as a Hot Spot.  Yet, there for a business lunch with a bunch of guys, I probably shouldn’t have been so surprised to find that I was really outnumbered by the men at the Rudy’s on 620.  Every table in this place is a long, family-style, picnic table with lots of chairs or picnic benches if you sit outside.  What that means is that you’ll likely sit beside someone you don’t know.  That’s okay though because the atmosphere is really homey, comfortable and social.  You can’t help but notice the noise level when you eat here for lunch.  It’s easy to take a seat at any table and make friends with the people around you.  In fact, there were plenty of folks walking around introducing themselves to people at other tables and saying, “Hi!” to friends they knew.  Keep in mind, if you’ve never been to a Rudy’s before there’s a beverage and condiment hub, of sorts, that makes conversation inevitable.  I’ll tell you, make this your next stop for lunch if you happen to be in the neighborhood during the week.  This is a terrific lunchtime Hot Men Hot Spot.